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Nursery Curriculum

The Nursery curriculum is based on play and children learn best through experiences which are meaningful and relevant to them.  Our play experiences are structured and progressive and are aimed to stimulate the children and reflect their interests and abilities.

Our planning is based on the ‘Curricular Guidance for Pre-School Education’ and is presented in a thematic form based on and around these six areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional – children learn how to be independent, how to work and play together and how to appreciate and respect self and others.
  • Language Development – children develop competence in language skills such as ; understanding, talking and listening, communicating effectively and learning how to become readers and writers.
  • Physical Development and Movement – children develop physical control, fitness, mobility, balance, an awareness of space and develop manipulative skills.
  • Early Maths Experiences – children develop a solid foundation for numeracy through practical ideas, using the language of maths, measure, estimating, sorting, matching and counting.
  • The Arts – children develop imagination, an ability to express feelings and ideas through music, art and drama and develop an appreciation of natural beauty.
  • The World Around Us – children develop knowledge of the world, themselves and their local environment, the seasons and develop a curiosity to explore, investigate and create.