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Eco School

Linn Primary has been working with the Eco-School project for the last seven years thanks to a hard working eco team has just achieved its third flag.

The internationally recognised Green Flag is the highest award given to Eco-Schools and symbolises excellence in the field of environmental activity. 

The last eco targets were within Biodiversity to adopt a hedgehog, renew bird boxes, plant butterfly plants, build a hedgehog house and to love plants.

As part of their target to love plants they purchased a Wollemi Pine, a survivor from the Age of the Dinosaurs.  The pine was thought to be extinct with only fossil records remaining however in 1994 less than 100 were discovered in a deep canyon in the vast expanse of the Wollemi National Park, Australia.  It is now the focus of a unique global conservation effort to give everyone the chance to grow their own tree.  This will help to protect the future of this potentially rare and endangered plant.

Within their energy targets they investigated the boiler house and solar panels.  For the School grounds targets they were creating a new woodland area, maintaining the learning garden and developing the front entrance area.  They continued the link with Stand by Me as part of their Global Perspective and completed a ‘Sow it Grow it’ week throughout the whole school.

The Eco Targets for Recycling included phones, inkcartridges, books, dvds and cd recycling.  The school also carries out clothing recycling through Cash for Clobber, an adopt a teddy scheme and the use of reusable water bottles in school.